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What we do

At BowTied Incentives, we enable and empower small business owners to motivate and show appreciation to their team members in an effective and efficient manner. We accomplish this by providing a service that delivers gifts to team members of small businesses on behalf of their owners. This allows employers to incentivize and show appreciation to their team without using theirs or their management's valuable time. BowTied Incentives delivers personalized, wrapped gifts to your team, increasing team morale and motivation while saving you time and money.

Why we do it

Several years ago, I worked for a small business where the owners immensely valued their team members, but lacked the time and energy to demonstrate that consistently. They just didn't have the time or mental energy to consistently recognize and show appreciation to their team members. They were too busy running their business and day to day operations.


From this experience, BowTied incentives was born. We help small business owners show appreciation for and show that they value their team members with a service that is efficient, effective, and economical. 

Small gestures create big results. 

- Owner, BowTied Incentives



Special Occasion Package

Seasonal Package 1

  • Birthday

  • Anniversary

  • One Seasonal 

*** birthday and anniversary gifts customized to recipient​

  • 2 Seasonal Gifts

Custom Packages Available

Seasonal Package 2

  • 4 Seasonal Gifts


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